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Carl Schlechter

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    Carl Schlechter (1874-1918) was one of the top 7 players in the world from 1900 to his death by starvation in 1918.  He learned the game when he was 16 and soon gave up his studies to devote himself to chess.  In this game, Carl was 19 years old and already showed promise as a great attacking player.  Here, he sacrificed his Queen and Rook to force mate against one of Vienna's strongest players.In 1910 Schlechter played a match against Emanuel Lasker for the World Chess Championship (in Vienna and Berlin). He needed only a draw in the tenth and last game to win the match, but missed first a win, then a clear draw before losing the game. The match ended tied at 5-5 (+1 -1 =8) and Lasker retained his title. For details on the match, including the uncertainty over whether Schlechter had to win by a two-point margin, see World Chess Championship 1910 (Lasker-Schlechter). In any case, Schlechter distinguished himself by being the first person in 16 years to seriously threaten to claim Lasker's world title..  After World War I, he suffered from poverty and starved to death, or died of pneumonia.

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    Great endgame !!!!!

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    no doubt it's a great game


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