chess ladder


othger groups have a chess ladder to challenge each other in the group. maybe someone can set one up here as well

heres an example:


Cant see your link, please explain what it says.


I will work on that, or if someone already knows how to create one let me know.


I think you have to be a member of (team Iowa) in order to see the chess ladder in that link...


BrotherJosh - I just entered a chess ladder in another group... I could copy and paste their rules and how it works here to restart this forum!! I think it is a great idea, and would definitely participate.  That's why I clicked on this forum.

We should start with at least 15 members of the group interested in the ladder.

BrotherJosh, if needed I could try to set it up and run it, not sure if I have the authority as a basic member.


BSAeagle60 this sounds like a fantastic idea! Let's try and pursue this and see what happens.


Okay. Quite busy this summer but I will post a note about it soon. Interested people should post here, starting now, to evaluate interest level.

The following are the rules for the Ladder Competition:

  1. All games must be multi-day with a 3-day per move time control, and must be titled “Melik and ME Ladder Competition”.

  2. You can challenge anyone ranked up to five places above or below you in the roster.  (Please note that "rank" in the context of this competition refers to position in the roster, NOT to your rating.)  To issue a challenge, make a post in this forum declaring the player you wish to challenge, and stating if you wish the game to be rated or unrated.  (See #3.)  Only challenges publicly declared in this forum will be considered valid, to facilitate record-keeping.  You should also contact the player you wish to challenge directly, so s/he will know about the challenge even if s/he does not check the forum.

  3. Games can be rated if and only if both players agree to it.  If either player does not wish to play a rated game, then the game must be unrated.  When issuing a challenge, the challenging player should declare if s/he wishes the game to be rated or unrated.  If s/he asks for a rated game, and the challenged player agrees, then the game can be rated.  If the challenged player insists on an unrated game, or if the challenger insists on unrated when issuing the challenge, then the game must be unrated.

  4. Each challenged player will have up to seventy-two hours to accept the challenge; failure to do so within seventy-two hours will be counted as a forfeiture and thus a win for the challenger (See #13), unless the challenged player is on vacation.  (See #12.)

  5. Once a challenge has been issued and accepted, one of the players will post a link to the game in this forum.

  6. Players can play only one game per opponent at a time, and only two simultaneous games per player are allowed.  Players who already have two games in progress cannot be challenged until at least one of their games concludes.  Also, because declining a challenge will result in forfeiture, a player who has been challenged will be considered to have a game already in progress for the purpose of further challenges; that is to say, a player who already has two open challenges either to or from that player should not be challenged by anyone else regardless of whether the games have actually started yet.  (See #4.)

  7. If the game is played and not forfeited (See #13), and a lower-ranked player defeats a higher-ranked player, the lower-ranked player will advance to the position directly above the higher-ranked player in the roster.  If the game is a draw, the lower-ranked player will advance to the position directly below the higher-ranked player.  If the higher-ranked player wins, there will no be change to the roster.

  8. Each player can only play one game at a time against a higher-ranked player.  If a player already has a game in progress against another player ranked higher in the roster, then that player’s other game can only be against a lower-ranked player.  This is to encourage lower-ranked players to challenge higher-ranked players and try to move up the roster.

  9. There can be no consecutive rematches between the same players.  Each player must finish another game as part of this competition before either can issue a challenge for a rematch.

  10. When a game concludes, one of the players should post the result in this forum, so the result can be recorded, and the roster updated.  (See #14)  The current roster will always be posted in this forum immediately below the rules.

  11. New players may join after the competition begins, and will be placed at the bottom of the roster.  Any new players wishing to join should declare their interest in this forum.  Players wishing to leave the Ladder may do so by the same means.

  12. As of this time, there is no restriction on the use of vacation time in this competition.  If somehow problems related to possible misuse of vacation time appear at some point, I will reevaluate the rules to address the issue.

  13. If a challenge is forfeited, and the forfeiting player is currently ranked higher in the roster than the challenging player, than the forfeiting player will be moved to the spot immediately below the challenging player.  If the forfeiting player is ranked below the challenging player, there will be no change in the roster.  This is out of fairness to any players that might be ranked between a lower-ranked challenger and a higher-ranked forfeiter, so that they will not be jumped over without a game being played.

  14. Every time a post is made in this forum regarding a challenge issued, a game concluding, or a player wishing to join or leave the Ladder, the moderator responsible for overseeing the ladder will respond to that post in the same forum once the necessary changes have been made to the roster.  This is to reduce human error and ensure players that their progress is being recorded.  If such a post by the moderator has not been made after a few days, the participating players may message the moderator to remind him/her of the changes that need to be made.

  15. Open challenges and ongoing games will be recorded in the roster by carrots ( ^ ) or v's ( v ) next to the players' names.  A carrot, "pointing up," will indicate an open challenge or game in progress against a higher-ranking player; a v, "pointing down," will indicate the same against a lower-ranking player.

  16. When issuing a challenge, the lower-ranked player will have the choice of color.  This is to help players move up the roster by allowing them to choose the color with which they feel more comfortable, and also so that players higher up the roster will have to fight harder to hold onto their spot.

  17. The competition will begin when the roster reaches 12 players.  The original ranking will be composed by rating.  Rating will be irrelevant after the competition begins.  Official commencement will be announced in a forum post by the ladder moderator.


Following is the roster for the ladder competition:

1. kstorn

2. BSAeagle60

3. BrotherJosh


There is not enough interest in the ladder.  If you are interested, please private message me and I will add you to a group where I already run this ladder in progress.


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