Classical Sicilian


The Sicilian Defense in general is a really interesting opening, and fun to play for both colors. I recently started playing the Sicilian, and after experimenting with a few variations decided to choose the Classical Variation.

I also thought it would be a nice option for Setup Saturday too because it allows for many different types of Sicilian setups, e.g. transposing to a Dragon after 6.Be2, playing with a Najdorf pawn structure after 6.f3, and a Scheveningen pawn structure after 6.Bg5 or 6.Bc4 with ...e6.


i always avoided it when playing e4, but now i switched to d4 anyway :-D


So I will just put e4 c5?


Good idea!


I was hoping to play an Open Sicilian specifically, maybe e4 c5 Nf3 d6 d4 cxd4 Nxd4 Nf6 Nc3?


I approve of dedicated tourneys for different variations - in fact, I think that instead of the classical, there should be different tournaments in the Rauzer (classical + Bg5) and Sozin (classical + Bc4).  Then we should do different Najdorf responses (Be2, Be3, Bg5, Bc4, h3, f3) and Kalashnikov/Sveshnikov over multiple months or years.

I'll play if the time control is 10-0 or longer but I cannot think fast enough for 5-0.


rea raptor, good idea!


will do that in the upcoming leagues at 200 members