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Dear Chess friend,

My name is Gabor Balazs. I am a Hungarian FM, fighting for the IM title. My top ELO is 2435. I have been playing chess for 21 years. I won the Hungarian Rapid Championship twice (U16 and U18).

I love teaching chess and it is very important for me that both of us enjoy the lessons beside the hard work. I have pupils almost all the levels from beginners to advanced players (1100-2200 ELO).

You can see a lot of feedbacks from my coaching services here:

Why should you choose me?

- I have a widespread opening repertoire (a lot of openings are analysed by strong Grand Masters).

- I have a lot of chess books in PDF and Chessbase format, so I can teach you the main middlegame plans, the art of calculations, famous chess games and the endgame theory.

- I have elaborated, personalized training plans, which help you to improve your skills effectively.

- I help you analyse your games deeply, so you can realise your mistakes and learn from them.

- I am really flexible and hard-working person, the quality of my work is really important for me.

- My lessons are on Skype or Zoom with webcam and screensharing. (Skype ID: balazs.gabor91 ; Zoom ID:

- I give homeworks, so you can also practice alone and I check your solutions in my free time.

- I answer your messages within 1 day, I am not the type of coach who disappears for a week after the lesson.

My hourly rate is 50 USD/hour.

Please, contact me (, if you are interested in working with me, I am looking forward to your message. happy.png