Fighting for a Draw


I recently read that a good way to frustrate a stronger opponent is to play a drawish positional game when he just wants to finish you off quickly since he knows he's stronger.

Unfortunately I've always been a tactical player myself, so I'm not familiar with positional principles and openings.

What would you recommend against 1.e4? The favourite opening for tactical players with the white pieces. I had thought of Petroff's Defence but White can easily dodge that with 2.f4 bring on the kill-or-be-killed positions of the King's Gambit.

What would you recommend?


I think the Sicilian is probably your best choice. The Najdorf and the Scheveningen are good variations.


But those are highly tactical openings. I was looking for something more defensive. The only Sicilian I can think of that fits is the Closed Sicilian (1.e4 c5 2.Nc3) or some lines of the Alapin, and those have to be played by White.