For all to know


Hello everyone


I would like to inform you all that even if Mihaela is in God's hands now, we will continue her work here.

As you know, she dedicated a lot of her time and energy building this team and we will make her proud, I'm sure she watches us from Heaven right now :(

I also wanted you to know that I will personally take care of the Wall of Fame and keep it up to date, but this might take a while because I have to go through each completed team match (and they're quite a few).

Another thing I want to tell you, and this is the most important one, is that me or motanul_bagabond will log in from time to time using Mihaela's account for the following reasons:

  1. managing team's admins
  2. updating her profile (we intend to post some pictures of her and a video)
  3. keeping her account active (I know cases when the staff has given away one's username if that member hasn't been active on this website for 6 months or more)


Thank you,



I don't like that either, but we have to do this in order to avoid someone taking her username. We won't play using her account.


I have informed Costin about this and he decided that he will be the only one that will login with her account for the reasons mentioned in my previous post, so no admin or other member here will do that.


Oh God. She was so active, this is my first team, she invited me, i miss her. I will remember her.