Iceni Live Classic


The Iceni Live Classic gives an opportunity to play chess online in a friendly tournament at a classical time control (45 minutes with 15 second increment) in preparation for when other-the-board chess resumes after the Covid lockdown. It is open to players from Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire.


This tournament is a development of the Norfolk Live Classic, the 3rd iteration of which is currently in progress as a 6-week Swiss with 22 players and we are looking to start a 4th iteration from 8th September.


It would be good to get some new players into the tournament and we are therefore extending a invitation to players in our neighbouring counties.


Details of the tournament are given below and you are cordially invited to enter. See for an up-to-date list of the entries so far.




There will be 1 round per week, with the game usually played on Tuesday evening.

In exceptional circumstances the game may be rearranged by mutual agreement between the players. This is to allow players to take part in the tournament even though they are not available on all the scheduled dates.





8 Sep


15 Sep


22 Sep


29 Sep


6 Oct


13 Oct


All games to commence at 7.30 pm. Time control 45 minutes with 15 second increment. There is no entry fee.




The deadline for entry at Round 1 is Friday 4 September. If you have missed the deadline you can still enter at Round 2 or 3. Once you have entered you will automatically be included in the following rounds.


If you would like to take part you must first create a account if you have not already done so. See


Contact the Administrator (see below) requesting entry and giving the following information:

  1. username
  2. Email address. We ask for your email address so that we can announce pairings and issue other tournament communications by email rather than relying on the messaging system
  3. Real name (optional). We ask for your real name only because it makes the games more personal when you know who you are playing




In submitting your application for entry you will be agreeing that we can use the information you provide for the purpose of organising this event, in particular entering names and ratings into to generate the pairings, and publishing of the results. Your email address will only be used to communicate with you as a player in the tournament.




You can request a bye in any round except the last round. Backdated requests will not be granted. Contact the Administrator with your request.


If there are an odd number of players entered in a round, one player will be given a bye.




You and your opponent should go to Live Chess at the scheduled date and time. 


The simplest way to issue the challenge is for the white player to type a command in the game chat window as follows:

  1. Go to Live Chess
  2. Select the Game Chat tab (it has a speech bubble icon) in the lower right hand corner of the Live Chess screen
  3. Find the message line at the bottom of the game chat window
  4. Type the following command, substituting the black player's username:


     /challenge  username  45  15  white  rated


  1. The black player should then accept the challenge and play will begin


An alternative method is for the white player to use the "Play a Friend" facility as follows:

  1. Go to Live Chess
  2. Select the "Play" tab but DO NOT click the "Play" button
  3. Select "Play a Friend"
  4. In the "Option 2 - Choose a member" text box type the username of your opponent. Their name should appear beneath the text box and should confirm that they are online.
  5. Click on their username. The "Custom Game" dialog will appear.
  6. Select "Time", and under "Live (Total time per side)" select "More"
  7. Select "Custom Time"
  8. In the minutes (min) box enter 45 and in the increment (inc) box enter 15
  9. Select OK
  10. Select the "Type" as Standard (small chess board icon)
  11. Turn "Rated" on to ensure your game counts towards your rating
  12. Select "Options", and under "I Play As" select "White"
  13. Select "Play"
  14. The black player should then accept the challenge and play will begin




We will be using for the tournament pairings, results and standings. A link to the tournament in will issued by email.

There is no need to report the result of your games. The Administrator will find completed games on and enter the results into




The Iceni Live Classic is constituted as a friendly tournament. There is an assumption of innocence, that issues will only arise by accident not design. We therefore ask that issues are addressed amicably between players and there is no recourse to a tournament arbiter.




Any feedback you may will be gratefully received. Post your feedback on this forum, or contact the Administrator.




Yes please, Stephen, please accept my entry for this event.

Thank you!

Heather / barrenelly


Thanks Stephen

I would like to play in this one,




Yes i would like to join please



Unfortunately, there is a clash with the 4NCL Season 2 event, which is also on a Tuesday. Is there any flexibility as to when these games can be played?


Yes there is. The tournament rules allow games to be re-arranged, and the guidance we will be giving is as follows:


It is becoming clear that Tuesday nights will regularly clash with Iceni Live League and other event fixtures for some of you.
In such cases you can re-arrange your game for another date and time by mutual agreement with your opponent. We ask all players to be flexible in this regard.
We will aim to make the pairings for the each round available as early as possible, so re-arranged games should be played as early as is mutually convenient, and no later than the Sunday before the Tuesday scheduled for the next round!


Hi Stephen, yes please count me in. 


Stephen can you please add me to this? Thanks