Iceni Live League


The Iceni Live League is a rapid-play team event starting 28th September and running through to the end of November 2020. See for an up-to-date list of teams entered so far.


It is a development of the well established Norfolk Live League and is open to teams from Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire.

Each team plays every other team at a rate of one match per week, on a weekday evening using Each match consists of 4 or more boards with each board playing 2 games, one as White and one as Black, with a 15 minutes plus 10 second increment time control.

There are 3 divisions.

Details of the tournament are given below and you are cordially invited to contact one of the administrators (see below) to enter a team. The closing date for entries is Thursday 24th September. 





Week Beginning


28th September


5th October


12th October


19th October


26th October


2nd November


9th November


16th November


23rd November




Each player in a match plays one game as White and one game as Black, with a time control of 15 minutes with a 10 second increment.




There are 3 divisions:


Division 1 is open to teams made up of players of any ability with no grade/ratings restrictions.


Division 2 is restricted to teams with an average rapid rating under 1850.
Division 3 is restricted to teams with an average rapid rating under 1700.
The average rating restriction applies to the match team, and the ratings should be taken from the match screen in the hour before the start of a match.
The divisions will be sub-divided if they are over subscribed (more than 10 teams).




4 players minimum, no maximum. Each team must have a captain to manage the team's fixtures and report match results. The captain may be non-playing.


Clubs may enter more than one team, but not more than one team in the same division.


Unless otherwise agreed with the administrator players should be members or past members dating back 10 years of that club, or live within 10 miles of the club. 


A player may play for more than one club if each of the clubs concerned is in a different division.


A player may play for any or all of the teams entered by the same club if the grading restrictions applying to the lower divisions are not broken. In other words, guesting is allowed for teams of the same club, but a team playing in the lower divisions with guest players must still fit the grading restrictions.


All juniors should be of high school age to use or be registered to play with supervision of team captains with parent permission.


Captains may, by mutual agreement, relax these restrictions to allow larger matches to take place or accommodate unusual circumstances.


At the start of the first season a best guess based on available grading information will be used to distribute the teams evenly and fairly across the 3 divisions, adjusting the grading restrictions if necessary. At the end of each season thereafter a two-up, two-down promotion / relegation strategy will be applied to maintain a fair distribution across the 3 divisions.




Teams to play on the home team‘s choice of evening at 7.30 pm unless agreed differently by the team captains.


In the interests of encouraging participation in club night events, league matches should be schedules on nights that do not clash with the club night of either team. Similarly, in the interests of encouraging participation in the Iceni Live Classic, league matches should avoid Tuesdays if possible.




The Iceni Live League is constituted as a friendly league. There is an assumption of innocence, that issues will only arise by accident not design. We therefore ask that issues are addressed amicably by the team captains and there is no recourse to a League arbiter. There is however a captains forum where issues can be discussed.



Any feedback you may will be gratefully received. Post your feedback on this forum, or contact the Administrator.




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