International Chess Day Arenas


July 20th is here!

International Chess Day is best celebrated in one way and one way only: by playing chess! We're happy to announce that during this special Thursday the official Community Club will be hosting 12 prized arenas in which you can battle other community members all day for your shot at free Diamond Memberships, Chessable PRO, Aimchess Premium, the exclusive Discord role of International Chess Day Champion and many other amazing rewards!

How To Play

Join the official Community Club and register in each Arena to participate in the events. First arena starts at 12 A.M PT/9:00 CEST/12:30 IST, with the subsequent 11 arenas following every 2 hours! Be sure to register at least one hour before the starting time of each Arena. However, we recommend doing this as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute issues.


The twelve tourneys each consist of a two-hour blitz arena with a 3+0 time control. This event is a score-based arena where players are paired based on their scores instead of their rating. The player with the most points at the end of the arena wins.


All 12 arena winners will receive 3 months of Diamond Membership. Plus, a random participant of each arena will be able to choose between 1 month of Chessable Pro, Aimchess Premium or Diamond Membership as a prize!

On top of that, we'll be awarding 6 months of Diamond Membership for Best Move, Best Game and Biggest Upset of the day! The winners will be decided by popular vote on a forum post to be created at the end of the day. Submit your moves and/or games in the Community Club forum and upvote your favorites to win!

The winners also receive the exclusive International Chess Day Champion role on the Discord server!

Arena links and winner updates will be updated on this forum post as the day progresses. Good luck, and happy International Chess Day!

  • Arena 1 | 12 A.M PT/9:00 CEST/12:30 IST
  • Arena 2 | 2 A.M PT/11:00 CEST/14:30 IST
  • Arena 3 | 4 A.M PT/13:00 CEST/16:30 IST
  • Arena 4 | 6 A.M PT/15:00 CEST/18:30 IST
  • Arena 5 | 8 A.M PT/17:00 CEST/20:30 IST
  • Arena 6 | 10 A.M PT/19:00 CEST/22:30 IST
  • Arena 7 | 12 P.M PT/21:00 CEST/00:30 IST
  • Arena 8 | 2 P.M PT/23:00 CEST/02:30 IST*
  • Arena 9 | 4 P.M PT/1:00 CEST*/04:30 IST*
  • Arena 10 | 6 P.M PT/3:00 CEST*/06:30 IST*
  • Arena 11 | 8 P.M PT/6:00 CEST*/08:30 IST*
  • Arena 12 | 10 P.M PT/8:00 CEST*/10:30 IST*

* Following day

Winner of Best Move: vlibrovs (Rxf6!!)

Winner of Best Game: tellingmose (game 2 vs mattk2013)

Winner of Biggest Upset: coolest333 (917 against 1960! Dirty flag, but a win is a win! haha)

Thank you all for participating, hope you had fun!


I'm going to try to go to all of the tournaments


Good luck with that.




Cool happy.png


Honestly, I didn't know that tomorrow was international Chess day




Awesome! Can't wait for International Chess Day!


Dang, I have to work tomorrow.


Wish I had time for these



Ishaanharsha wrote:

I'm going to try to go to all of the tournaments

If you actually do this and play for 24 hours straight, then you should get some kind of Endurance Prize!


Is this only for the winner? or top?


winner +random


how do you know if you won anything or where is the best game or upset


I am 14place

SirAKA22 wrote:

I am 14place

I remember you from the last "Belated Arena" (I finished 5th) and yeah you played well: congrats! happy.png