Introduction to the Dutch Defense


Welcome to the Dutch Defense, the 4th most popular defense against 1. d4. The Dutch Defense starts 1. d4 f5. If you have already done some research on the Dutch, than good job! If not, than that's ok too. I hope everyone enjoys learning the opening, and gains the confidence to play it in their own games.

  The Dutch Defense was reccommended by Elias Stein in 1789, as the best move against 1. d4. It looks odd, as it weakens the King and does nothing to assist Black in development. Black's idea is to control e4, and generate a powerful Kingside Attack. Alexander Alekhine, Bent Larsen, Mikhail Botvinnik, Paul Morphy, and David Bronstein have all used the Dutch with success, so the Defense must be taken seriously!

   In my next post, we will discuss White's 2nd move options.

What are the other three popular defense against 1. d4.  Thanks.

1st most popular- Indian Defense (1... Nf6).

2nd most popular- Queen's Pawn Game (1... d5).

3rd most popular- Horwitz Defense (1... e6).

Those are the 3 most popular 1st moves, and none of them initiate an opening per se.  So while 1...f5 may be the 4th most popular response to 1.d4, it does not necessarily follow that it is the 4th most popular defense against d4.
can u demonstrate this move on a board.Cool