Jewel Royale Chess Set




Jewel Royale Chess Set

 How much would spend on a nice chess board? Maybe $50, maybe $100, maybe $200. The world’s most expensive chess set is valued at over 9.8 Million Dollars. This is the Jewel Royale Chess Set which was created in Great Britain and commisioned by the Royale Jewel Company.

What makes this the most expensive chess set in the world? Well… its made of gold and platinum, it has diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls and sapphires. The king piece  weighs 165.2 grams of 18 carat yellow gold and has a spiraling mid-section graced by 73 rubies and 146 diamonds.

The world most expensive chess set

The World Most Expensive Chess Set

The World's Most Expensive Chess Set

Ok, now Roman Abramovich can have something decent to play with... :)

Exquisite, and not really over the top. Bet it is worth every penny.


Winkgreat i want to play with them


 I don't know the great chess set. It’s very elegant.


It looks like a good set, but I would prefer the Gold Chess Set with Diamonds from House Of Gold.


Qué joyas! ¡Demonios! ¡Oh Dios mío! Simple y delicada pero significativa creatividad. ¡Genial!