July 2014 Issue


Ipatov, Shabolov, Meier, Lenderman! Awesome featured articles!

I spent a lot of personal time on this issue, co-writting the "Aronian's Ragozin" piece with Alex Lenderman, and I think it turned out great. Not biased at all Wink

Amazing how often Magnus plays *slightly* dubious moves like fxg3 in his game with Aronian from Norway... yet wins the game and gets away with it in the end anyway Undecided #gofigure

Anyway, Meier's article on the topical "Agdestein French" is interesting to say the least. I have a biased that all French lines are bad Tongue Out but Georg did a pretty good job convincing me otherwise. 

QUESTION FOR GEORG: What is your prediction on whether we will see Agdestein's line played by those in the top 10 moving forward in the next year? 

I wish Shabalov would tell us some details from that party!

Bojkov did such a good job with the tips for beginners, I wonder if we should get him to start a video series on the idea? All those in favor?

Anyway, I won't drone on... your thoughts on the issue?



I don´t think anyone in the Top 10 will touch this line as black... They don´t like positions with the back against the wall, like the endgame from Caruana-Agdestein.


A video series on the beginners chess are definitely needed. There is a great majority of players willing to improve their game, who cannot actually  follow the video lectures.

Let's do those, Danny!

Great job in Dortmund, Georg! 


Thanks Georg and Dejan!