June 2014 Issue


How could I have forgotten to give my opinion *last* month's Bulletin? Cry #shameonme Obviously you were all really upset Tongue Out

Well, if you missed it and still haven't subscribed, then #shameonyou Wink -- BUT here's a quick recap of June's TMB and my favorite parts!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions as well. Have ideas of where we can get better? Let me know!

Anyway, to the 'Review-Cave' (I think that works):

GM Friedel's (or as I call him, Joshy-Poshy) review of the top 5 games from May was FANTASTIC! We will definitely be bringing Josh back! The play of Moro (Poikovsky) and So (Capablanca) made it easy... but his analysis was great nonetheless!

Question for Josh: How did you choose the games? Especially from the U.S. Championship and WHAT games would have made your honorable mention if we had offered to pay you double to double the mount of games analyzed Wink

Irina's interview was great. No real questions there! Thanks to her for doing that and look forward to her Death Match later this month (July 26th)!

Uncle Suat and Danya were as good as we thought they'd be for the opening articles (I think we will be seeing MORE of the KIA at the high levels of chess) -- and our regular dudes (Robert, Arthur, Afek, and Roman) were also awesome.

Whatever happened to GM Magesh doing Your Games Analyzed on I think you guys should message him and bug him Wink -- BUT anyway, you can find him in this month's GM Tips for Beginners.

Question for our readers: If you could pick ANYONE in the world for a Beyond the Board interview, who would it be and why? Gimme something good and I might make it happen!!!



Apparently they are ignoring my questions Tongue Out - will change that Wink


I tried to pick the best games I found by people who finished at the top of the table.  For the US Championship, I would have picked one of Lenderman's games, maybe his win over Onischuk.


Thanks Josh!


Danny, I just got busy with camps and other work over summer, but would love to do YGA in fall!