Known Rating Systems


Here is a list of some known Rating systems you can look up for research if it should appeal to you.

Elo Rating System

Glicko Rating System

Main Glicko Website

Microsoft TrueSkill (Patented)

TrueSkill Wiki


I read the elo… glicko is a bit complicated but good adaptations to elo might be simpler and better. glicko is useful to take a look at RD



Glicko is an improvement upon ELO as it takes into account a variable deviation. What we need for games like ours is for a system of equations that can consider things like:

  • The number of players involved.
  • The probability of winning given certain starting positions.
  • Mitigation of being paired with poor teamates.
  • Mitigation of gaining points because of unfair play against higher rated players.
  • Mitigation against affects of new players climbing up the ranks too quickly.

Oh yes I remember two times where the winner literally received 100+ points at once.


Just had a possible idea for alternate way of rating that can be easy to use in chess with a lot of players: all players in winning sector get score of 1, all players of losing sector get 0, and only the K changes. So even if they get same pure result, the impact is changed to make the changes accurate


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