lines for nf3


Any decent lines for 1.  nf3

(I really wanna know some good lines)


Ah yes, the Bongcloud



Old Standard: 1. Nf3 King pawn king pawn king pawn 2. king pawn QxQ+ KxQ BxB 3. QxQ+ BxB Nf12 KxQ 4. KxB you have an endgame without dark square bishops or queens. This is one of my favorite lines in the Old Standard.

New Standard: 1. Nf3 c7 h11!? Is the New Standard Skywalker. Founded by @XXX18MilesOutXXX during the pre-merge testing times, and mostly played nowadays by @JesseZafirakos . Idea attack blue’s light squares and bring the knight to D4 to prevent blue from winning a bishop after green checks yellow.