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New admin

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    Hi everyone. Even though this is a Norwegian club I am writing this in English, and I hope you will comment in English, as it will be read by a member of the chess.com staff.


    As long as I have been a member of this club there has never been any activity such as club matches or tournaments. It turns out the administrator, fishcandy, had his profile closed quite some time ago. 


    I would like to change this, and ask that you reply to this post by voting yes or no to me becoming administrator of this group. 


    In seven days I will notify chess.com by sending a link to this forum, and if the voting is positiveI will be given administrator rights to the club. 


    Thank you in advance! I am keeping my fingers crossed! 

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    Yes please!Smile


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    YES! happy.png happy.png


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    Good initiative Christer. I think however it would make more sense that some of the leaders or someone on the board becomes the administrator of the club, this way it will be easier to use chess.com as a channel to inform members about what's going on at the club also.? If not a board member, in the least I would suggest we need an active member of Stjernen who's regularly at the club. 

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    I hear what you're saying Oddbjørn! I would like to make three points. First, I am an active member of the club, but I usually only play the regular matches on Tuesdays. Second, there doesn't have to be only one admin. I will invite the board members to be admins as well. Third, someone needs to be admin for this club if there is going to be any activity at all, and no one else has taken the initiative. 

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    - Erlend.

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    Great initiative Christer! Let's make this group great again!

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    Yes! - Gaute

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    Gressli wrote:



    Great initiative Christer! Let's make this group great again!


    Love the reference.


    Yes. -T

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    - The President

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    Gressli wrote:



    Great initiative Christer! Let's make this group great again!


    Thank you! The link has been sent to chess.com. Also love the reference Kristoffer!

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    the president Vegard says "yes".  then we all say yes... wink.png

    Let´s make some online tourneys on sunday nights maybe? after the kids have gone to sleep.

    or late night blitz events online for Oslo active chess.com members.  good work Christer. 

    mvh bendik


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    Absolutely! I've been a little busy but I will start a forum for matches, so people can give their opinions on what they want to play.


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