Nf3 opening theory (I think)


Hi. I'm going to post a small opening theory that may be incorrect as I am not so good. 

Also please add on to the Nf3 opening theory as it really helps. 

So this is the first part. (please add on if incorrect)

[Variant "Teams"]
[RuleVariants "EnPassant"]
[CurrentMove "9"]

1. Ne1-f3 .. b7-c7 .. h13-h11 .. m8-l8+
2. Nf3-d4 .. b5-c5 .. i13-i12 .. m6-l6
3. e2-e3

There are many different variations after this. Also, L6 can be changed to green. nL6 also works. 

The game I played it: 

Please help analyse so I can develop a better opening theory for Nf3


e3 blunders the game away because of bxf1 and qm9+ is forced because otherwise bxg2 from green, qxg2 then qxg2#.  bxf1 then bi14-b7 seems to sort of delay but same threat occurs a few moves down and qm9 is forced anyways as shown below.

Ba6xBf1 .. Bi14-b7 .. Bn9-h3
4. k2-k4 .. Qa8xBb7 .. Qh14xm9+ .. Kn8xQm9
5. Qg1xBf1 .. c5xNd4 .. g13-g11 .. Bh3xg2+
6. Qf1xBg2 .. Qb7xQg2+ .. Bf14xl8+ .. m7xBl8
7. Kh1xQg2 

All of which are basically forced moves considering the light square ignorance of red in wasting 3 moves to play nf3 nd4 just to blunder e3. The best move at 3.r in this situation would just be to move the knight back. Kind of ironically depressing given how overenthusiastic that knight was. 

I find it this line weird to be honest. Why does blue play c5 when it is an inaccuracy? Why is he weakening light squares even further given that was all h11 and nd4 was trying to accomplish? It cannot be an issue at that very moment, but it may allow for future counterplay when e3 doesn't blunder the entire game away. An alternative line which instead of c5, d9 is played preemptively, results in a very boring standoff. consider d9 bh13 nl9 e3 qb9 and the rest is just chess being played from a basically equal position. So much for nf3 theory which basically accomplished next to nothing.

In nf3 lines even before e3, I don't even see any potential for there to be an actually tricky trap. Logical defense from bg all hold perfectly well so long as they don't lose their heads and play silly moves like qxg2. However, good luck analyzing.