No disambiguation when multiple pieces can move to a square


Just one exampleI've observed several times that the GUI makes no disambiguation between multiple peices moving to the same square. Though in this case only one of the queen moves is checkmate, in general there's no other determining factor.

Fortunately PGN4 always includes the starting square, but I feel that the GUI should include something like the normal file/rank disambiguation system.


4 player chess uses the long algebraic system, the one used in PGN and that you can see by hovering over the move in the GUI, with a simplified version of the move. There is no need to do this because you can hover over the move


I addressed this issue in some games.


When you checkmated red, you want the notation to be 47. ..Qij3+#. Is that right.


If you move your mouse over the move in the list, you will see the from-square (as well as the exact time when the move was made). It's more of a space issue.


You can shrink the size of the notation moves to fit it.