Possible ratings system


To avoid making the system punish good players for losing to newer players with high Ratings deviation, The "possible ratings" system can help. Here is how it works:

Ratings deviation (RD).

RD will be used way differently. it will take a small part determining an ELO adjustable K. it will instead take a bigger part determining the "minimum rating" and "maximum rating" from a player.

So, Let's say i am an unrated player having 1500 rating and 350 RD. So, as my value for "ten times stronger system"(which is implemented in ELO) is 350, i can be ten times stronger or ten times weaker!

the minimum rating is determined by Rating - RD

the maximum rating can be achieved by calculating Rating + RD.

Depending on the game result, rating changes will be calculated based on a rating between the minimum and maximum ratings. lets call this the Temporary rating or TR.

Note: TR is used to calculate other's rating changes only, your rating will change using others' TR and your current rating

TR can be used in formulas for rating systems for all gamemodes, as well as the formula for the TR itself.