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You can post your games here, to be reviewed. Only a few rules...

1. NO blitz chess. Games must be 30 mins minimum per side.

2. If you are going to post a game it is your responsibility to show up for the show. If you are not present it is possible that your game will be skipped.

The better the game the more likely it will be reviewed.

That’s all for know, Stay tuned...



Recent OTB game played on Thursday.  I play club on Thursdays but watch the recordings when they are posted.  At the end of the game I felt white was winning but could not figure out a way to infiltrate.


Oh my god I am so happy. I just turned my three game losing streak around with a win against a similarly rated opponent. I have no idea if the game is instructive, or interesting, but I will post it just because DAMN I finally stopped losing! haha.

I do have one specific question for Melik: in this game I played Qb3 early on. I was not overly happy with this move, I was also very tempted by Qc2 which looked more "normal". Anyway, my question is: How on earth do we choose where to develop our queen to? I was completely out of opening theory after he played 1...F5 and just made moves that looked kind of normal. When I played Qb3 I just thought "Well, I better do something with this queen" but really I couldn't figure out at all what square would be ideal for it. 


melik .please checkout my game

for possible inclusion in your a positioning game with some  decisive tactics in the endgame.


Future master playing like an D player in key positions  Melik.

Hi, I played in an over the board tournament as White William Blackman and I am playing in strong events (events where the average opp. is greater than 2200) for training for my Quest to the master title as well as seeking a coach.   I submit my game where I tried to out play my Fide Master opponent but eventually my lack of patience and positional evaluation made my position understanding caused my downfall.

Please help me by reviewing my game.

I found this game interesting. It was a new position for me and I found it challenging but exciting. Time control was 90|30.

Here's a game I played from a couple months ago that I think would make a good review. Time control is one move in 3 days.


Edit: this game has since been analyzed by Tatev on her own show.

As I understand it next show will be a more advanced show, but I thought I would leave this here anyway (might be useful in the future, who knows?).

Game was mixture of a comedy and a horror show, lol. I was out of theory after e4 e5 d4 but I think I did ok in that part of the game. Later I badly blundered but my opponent kind of let me off the hook for a while. AGAIN later I blundered, this time in time trouble (although some of it is still quite inexcusable, even in time trouble...), but my opponent blundered for reasons I cannot comprehend, leaving me with a flukey draw!

Knight sacrifice and nice checkmate

Fun Game!

I enjoyed this game a lot and since it has both positional and tactical play I thought it might be good for the show. I'd also like to see what a GM thinks of my defense as this is one of my favorite. Time was 30|0.

A 90|30 game. Although I lost the game, I regard it e as one of my best. I would really appreciate it, if you could let me know your thoughts and suggestions about the game and especially these points:

1. Becuase I'm not good at defense, I am working on the issue (recently, I've read Soltis' book "The Art of Defence"). In this game, I confronted a lot of positional and tactical pressure, and to some point, I managed to defend well. I spent a lot of time during the first positional part of the game and found strong moves to both defend and regrouping my pieces to gain a counterplay, but in the second part of the game, I had no time to calculate crazy variations, so lost the track of the game.

2. As time management is my another weaknesses, I wrote down times spent for most of both sides' moves (the numbers on parantessis). How do you assess my time management and how I can get better at it?

3. To improve in time management, I decide to use more of general principles and intuition, so when I reached the tactical part of the game, I did so and I had to do so. The worrying thing is that my intuition told me that the White's attack was not strong enough to compensate for his material loss and my active pieces on the queenside and center, but the assessment was wrong. How can I improve my intution in defense? 

4. I'm eager to know that if I had more time in the tactical part of the game -say, 30 minutes- how should I do with crazy varitiations which take hours and even days to calculate correctly.

5. As said above, the game involves lots of crazy tactical lines. Because now I concentrate on other skills, I'm not talking about it much. Just for an example, I can say that in one line, White sacrifices a rook and knight to demolish Black's defensive army. If the game was in OTB, I guess White would win a brilliancy prize. 

Many Thanks:)


Time control: 120|60


Here's a game that I thought I did reasonably well in considering the poor play at the beginning. I'm sure Melik can tell me what I missed if he wants to review this one. I played as black.


Hi GM Melik , maybe you could include this game for analysis in tonight's show . I quite like the move Ba3 in this game ..perhaps you could point out areas for improvement.


Hi Melik here a 30 min game. Thanks