September Swiss - 3-week Swiss event, G/60 with 5-second increment - (September 3, 10, 17)


Thursday, September 3rd, we will hold another online multi-week Swiss-system tournament with a time control of G/60 +5  (initial time of 60 minutes plus a 5 second increment for each move).  

This will be a three-round tournament (1 game each Thursday 7:00 pm, for 3 Thursdays in a row: September 3, 10, and 17, in 1 section.  (If we get enough entries we might have 2 sections).

Remember, doesn't have the ability to automatically-pair a multi-week event, so I will step in as the Tournament Director, pairing each round (just like the old days at the club!).
Please indicate your interest in playing to THIS FORUM post, remembering to provide your First Name, Last Name, EMAIL, username, and US Chess rating (we use USCF ratings for pairing purposes).
and “Post” a note/comment indicating you will play.  You must do this prior to 6:00 PM CDT Sepgtember 3 (which is when I will do the pairings for Round 1)
If you don’t sign up before the pairings are completed you can always start in round two.  There is no entry fee and this will not be USCF rated (it will affect your rating on
One-half point Byes are available in any round. If you would like a Bye, please notify us before the published cutoff date & time. (6:00 PM Thursdays).  I will pair each night's round at 6:00 Thursday.

I'll play

Andrew Rivedal, arivedal, 1650 USCF


Kevin Klandrud email:,">, kklandrud 1450 USCF


So far, we have:

  • Allen Becker
  • Robin Grochowski
  • Andrew Rivedal
  • Kevin Klandrud

I am interested.  Jonathan Hobson,, username is JJH1974a, and my USCF rating is 700.  I need a Bye on 9/17 (Round 3).


I will Play

James Coons JamesCoons 1706


OK; we now have

  • Allen Becker
  • Robin Grochowski
  • Jim Coons
  • Andrew Rivedal
  • Kevin Klandrud
  • Jonathan Hobson

Plenty of room for tonight's Round 1.  So far, here are the players (and requested Byes):

No. Name ID St Rate Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3
1 Becker, Allen J 10481783 WI 2044 --- --- ---
2 Coons, James Jay 12551569 WI 1708 --- --- ---
3 Grochowski, Robin 11164412 WI 1698 --- --- ---
4 Hobson,Jonathan J 14392581 WI 700 --- --- -N-
5 Klandrud,Kevin 15938368 WI 1437 --- --- ---
6 Rivedal,Andrew 16025954 WI 1634 --- --- ---


Please add Alex and me (Neil Hogg, Alex Hogg) - thanks.


I will make pairings shortly after 6 pm.  Here are entrants so far.    

Late entrants either get a Bye for Round 1, but I will try to pair everyone if possible.   Round starts at 7:00 pm.

No. Name St Rate
1 Becker, Allen J WI 2044
2 Hogg,Alexander WI 1801
3 Coons, James Jay WI 1708
4 Grochowski, Robin WI 1698
5 Rivedal,Andrew WI 1634
6 Hogg,Neil WI 1572
7 Klandrud,Kevin WI 1437
8 Hobson,Jonathan J WI 700


Gauri Menon


Username: menonkutty

USCF Rating: 1960


Rishav and I will play 


Shaunak Bhattacharyya / / chessbhatt03 / 1884

Rishav Bhattacharyya / / pikachuli / 1888


I would like to withdraw from the tourney, if possible.  Looks a little too tough for me.


Hi Jonathan, thanks for your note.  Hope to see you in our events again.  On September 24th we'll probably have a "Rapid" or maybe Blitz event.


Here are the pairings.  Remember, White challenges Black.  If anyone needs help with the challenge let me know.  It's of course OK for Black to challenge White, as long as the colors are correct.  G/60+5.

If anyone late-enters, I'll try to accommodate, but the pairings below will NOT change:

Board    White                                    Black

1. ___ Coons, James Jay (0.0,1708) ___ Becker, Allen J (0.0,2044)

2. ___ Menon,Gauri (0.0,1960) ___ Grochowski, Robin (0.0,1698)

3. ___ Rivedal,Andrew (0.0,1634) ___ Bhattacharyya,Rishav (0.0,1888)

4. ___ Bhattacharyya,Shaunak (0.0,1883) ___ Hogg,Neil (0.0,1572)

5. ___ Klandrud,Kevin (0.0,1437) ___ Hogg,Alexander (0.0,1801)



Is it too late for me to join the tournament today? If so, could I register and request a bye for this week?

Aditya Pillai / / USCF:1927


Aditya, if someone else enters then the two of you can play Round 1.  If no one else shows up, I will give you a 1/2-BYE and pair your for next week's Round 2.



Ok, thanks.


Rishav says his computer it taking a few min to load, he says to give him a few min 


Hogg - Wins