Serious problems with pairings...


So today I was playing in tbe tournament, and the following situation happened:

I and player x had 4/4, and behind us there were quite a few players with 3/4.

To great amazement by all participants, we - two players with 4/4 - were not paired against each other, but against players who had 3/4.

With just 4 rounds played and over 20 players participating, it is absolutely impossible that no other pairing could be made because of people playing each other twice on lower boards.

On the chat I found that the same happened yesterday - 2 top players were not paired against each other in the last round.

This way someone can score 5/5 and lose because of tie break.

Extravagating, someone can score 5/5 in all tournaments and never have a chance to qualify.

I suggest something be done about it immediately.

I include screenshots showing the situation.


This mainly happens due to players leaving the game in middle after losing 1 or 2 games knowing they will not be able to qualify,


and also some time temporary internet connections also kicks out the player


messed up


This may be one restriction so that no one gets easily qualified. FYI first round was not having something like that.


Same thing happened to me in round 1 and that is why I can't play in round 2 I should have played one of the other two tied for first but I got a bye and the other two who were tied for first didn't play each other they played 1100s.