Southwest Chess Club - 3-round Game/60 (+ 5-second increment) (May 28, June 4, June 11)


This is the forum topic where you can indicate your interest in playing, and also post your results.


Beam me up Scotty for Thursday at &:00, Jack Creed 'Wacked_One' 1700


I plan to join in.  Chris Bailey, RyoHazuki56 USCF Rating: 1855


My younger sister Jind Kaur ( username is ranu540, USCF rating 1350) and I, Aradh Kaur, ( username pari538, USCF rating 1650) would like to play. Thanks for putting it together.


I’ll play - John Hegelmeyer


See you there



Thank you for organizing this event. I'd LOVE to play !  Ellen Wanek, Elie-mae , 1168 


I plan to play.  Robin


I plan on playing


I will play   James Coons


As of Noon Thursday, we have 11 entrants.  Feel free to sign up (in this forum, or email to ) .    Here is the list so far:


No. Name Rate
1 Becker, Allen J 2044
2 Bailey,Christopher 1855
3 Coons,James Jay 1708
4 Creed,John Jack 1700
5 Grochowski,Robin 1698
6 Kaur,Aradh 1651
7 Hegelmeyer,John A 1632
8 Klandrud,Kevin 1437
9 Rane,Sidharth H 1433
10 Kaur,Jind 1336
11 Wanek,Ellen Ann 1168


By the way, my plan is to take entries until 5 pm (maybe later).  Once I make the pairings I will post them here.  Late entrants will be paired if we have an even number. 

Once pairings are issued, the White player will challenge the Black player.  Do this after 6:55 pm Thursday evening.   The instructions are in this link: Game Challenge instructions


Hi Allen, I'll play - Gauri Menon 


I'll play- 1492


Jeff Daven  kingbuster27.  USCF 1310


The time control is G60;+5, is this correct?


Also, another question.  Is the person who challenges another get white all the time, or is there some place where you have to indicate who gets what color?


Entries as of 3:00 pm Thursday:

No. Name Rate
1 allenbecker (Becker, Allen) 2044
2 menonkutty (Menon,Gauri) 1960
3 RyoHazuki56 (Bailey,Chri) 1855
4 JamesCoons (Coons,James) 1708
5 Wacked_One (Creed,Jack) 1700
6 RobinChess69 (Grochowski,Robin 1698
7 pari538 (Kaur,Aradh) 1651
8 srhegel (Hegelmeyer,John) 1632
9 rosswilj (Ross,William) 1492
10 kklandrud (Klandrud,Kevin) 1437
11 Sidlikeschess123 (Rane,Sidharth) 1433
12 ranu540 (Kaur,Jind) 1336
13 kingbuster (Daven,Jeff) 1310
14 Elie-Mae (Wanek,Ellen) 1168


Robin, yes, this is G/60 (with 5-second increment).     Check out this link for instructions on how to set colors and time control.  It's a bit of detailed instructions, but reasonably clear.  Maybe try a sample "challenge" before 7 pm tonight just to get the hang of it: Game Challenge instructions


Am I still to late to join? If not ListeningGopher will play. Thanks!