Stop the hate


A message to the people in the balkans, but also the governments. I just want to post this because its something you think of in the balkans. there are things like the Kosovo or aegean dispute. All of the Balkans are brothers. Most of the Balkans are allies, through NATO, but still hate each other. To all Turks and Albanians if there are any here, I dont disrespect your heritage or religions (still the real Macedonia is in Greece) I know im crying about this and no one hears me. But i think im not the only one. Also another thing is to stop having hate on Serbs or Russians (Also applies to Turks) for what their gouvernments are doing. That is not ok


No hate


in the wise words of carl sagan "think of the rivers of blood, spilt by all those generals and emperors, so that in glory and triumph, they can become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot" and on that note, we know not of any other intelligent life amongst us in the cosmos, we know not of what is to become of us, so blind hatred and bitterness for fellow man because of his differences is the folly of an unwise man.

Borderlines are a mutually agreed intangible concept, that only serves to divide one from another, true human spirit will always transcend such frivolous and futile attempts to quench unity.


You are all right, in my opinion most wars are caused by people that seem to be bored.

I mean, are we reaching the point of killing our SAME SPECIE?!

It's weird and I think we need someone with a little bit of intelligence and courage to change this.


Gens una sumus


btw sorry i forgot to say about the serb/croatian border dispute