Sveshnikov Sideline with 6. Nb3


If you are a Sveshnikov player, you must know how to play sidelines to the overwhelming main line, which is 6. Ndb5:

The 2nd most popular continuation is 6. Nxc6 Exchange Variation; It is also a slight deviation, with a variety of idea from both sides. It and 6. Ndb5 are the only 2 "good" lines for white (Eval-wise).

There are 4 other moves that are less popular, which are Nb3, Ne2, Nf5, and Nf3. You must learn how to play against these moves, which are played much more at the beginner to intermediate, and some times even advanced levels, so it is essential you know what to do against these moves.

This post will be about 6. Nb3. Will post the other 3 variations later; too lazy to complete it all today.

6. Nb3

This move is intended to move the knight without allowing the a6-b5 advance to gain tempos and misplace the white knight to a3. However, it does come with its drawbacks, which is that it doesn't fight for the central squares, and it is a relatively passive move. This allows black to gain a central initiative and equalize relatively easily:

Hope you found that helpful; Will continue from this on the next post!

Nb3 is not really a line you need to know because you could equalize without knowing theory 


you're 2200, so that doesn't apply to lower levels :/


I don't know any theory LOL. 

Every time I learn some opening lines I forget them in 3 days . . .