SWCC Blitz 5+3 (JUNE 18, 2020)


This Forum topic is the one-stop place you can post any questions, problems, etc, during the event.  Thanks!

For tonight's event (2 SECTIONS), is having problems where if you click on the OPEN section, you might land in the RESERVE. So, be SURE TO CHECK your Section.   If you're in the wrong section tonight (please check), then go to the upper right corner, select "tournaments" and there you'll see both SWCC sections to choose from.

Time control is 5 minutes per game, plus 3-second increment with each move (5+3).
There will be two sections, Open and Reserve.  You may enter either section, but players rated below 1600 (USCF, or might prefer the Reserve Section.

The event will start at 7:00 pm sharp Thursday night.  Please show up a few minutes early (to "join" the tournament).   Each round will start after the prior round finishes.

Link to the OPEN Section:

Link to the RESERVE Section:


Hi, thanks to everyone for showing up!