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The Philidor Defence C41 :-)

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                              Dear ladies and gents,

        Let's get start on the Philidor Defence :-)  Please memorize the following.

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6 This is the start of the philidor defence; up to now, it's all book moves.  3. Bc4 Nh6  To protect the f7 weak pawn.  Now the best move is to contend for the center with d4 which I'll talk about it the next lesson; here we'll use the castling technique.  Because in fast game, when someone pulls out a nh6, it's all right for us to save some time by o-o immediately.  So let's see:

    4. 0-0 Nc6  tries to stop the d4, but useless.  5. d4 ed has to be ed, otherwise with the exchanges of knights also, the white queen takes queen, and the black king would be shifted to the queen's position without castling.

    6. Nxd4 similar to the sicilian position with the bishop on c4, a classical position, which would allow the bishop on the c-file staying longer while white keeps on developing his pieces rapidly.  The knight watches the e6-square, not allowing exchanges of bishops on e6.  6... Be7

    7. Bxh6! gh  this round wrecked the black king-sided pawn structure; thus, the black king lacks a safe home.

    8. Nc3 0-0  9. Nd5 Bd7  10. c3 Ne5  11. Be2 Bh4 tries to attack White's weak pawn at f2.

    12. f4  Like the king's gambit accepted, try to open the f-file by pushing the f-pawn and rearranged the pieces on attacking the f7 weak pawn; the original plan :-)



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