The season to be


Well birds fans, what do we expect this year?  Bradley is already out, Shawn Andrews seems like he may be right behind.  Then of course there is the Donovan factor.  Does he worry anyone else?  Can he hit receivers in stride this year?  Can he play big in a big game?  Will Westbrook be healthy for the last 5 games (when it counts)?  Not worried about Dawkins being gone, in reality if it wasn't for the Cowgirls laying down the last game of the season, I don't think Dawk played that well.  I think their secondary may actually be improved.  Ahh the questions to answer, the sound of pads hitting, I love this time of year!  I did issue a challenge to the Giants team, let's see if they'll accept.


well, we just signed jeremy Maclin to a 5-year deal and the coaches think hes good. plus, most of our offense is healthy which is wat we need. the one thing im conserned about is the death of Jim Johnson. is our D gonna be as good? as for the challenge, bring it on!! :)


the front office has made efforts to improve our offence, i believe we can score many points this upcoming season. westbrook's injury is the only factor that worries me.


but i'm not optimistic about our defence. jim johnson passed away and bradly is out the whole season. i guess our D group will struggle.