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The Storyline Triangle

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    That is what I call it anyway, what is it really? Its the plot, where you start with the exposition(setting/starting point)to rising action-climax("good" v.s. "bad" in final conflict)-falling action-resolution (the end) .Now this drives me nuts! You see this everywhere in movies,which are the most obvious, main character is set-main character starts winning conflict-main character starts losing conflict-main character wins in the end.This isn't just movies, they are in books, and tv shows!

    So I have two questions,1)Is our imagination not as unlimited as we think and this is the only way to carry a story out? or 2)Is there a way to create a story without these strict concepts?

    Try to give some thought into this and be reasonable and give me your ideas as this as frustrated me for years!

    This is what I mean


                2)RISING ACTION         4)FALLING ACTION


    Good luck!

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    our imagination is unlimmited. its jjust that the audiences can only tolerate this setup and not a bad ending or etc.  This just satisfies them.  

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    So what is your idea?

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    You'd like to change this "formula"? Are you saying literature, film, etc., are too predictable? Do you write?


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