Today in Chess History: Dec 23


Dec 23, 1916: Renzo Cambi was born in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy.

Dec 23, 1916: Laszlo Lindner, Hungarian composer, was born in Budapest, Hungary.

Dec 23, 1923: Antonio Corrias, Itaian composer, died in Ozieri, Sartegna, Italy.

Dec 23, 1941: Robin Ault was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.

Dec 23, 1965: Stefan Reschke was born, Germany.

Dec 23, 1978: Ilia Maizelis died in Moscow, Russia.


Robin Ault ( Dec 23, 1941- Sep 16, 1994) was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on December 23, 1941. He was the first person to win the U.S. Junior Championship three times in a row (1959, 1960, 1961). The 1959 US Junior Championship was held in Omaha, Nebraska. Ault won on tiebreak over Gilbert Ramirez. He was invited to the 1959-60 U.S. Championship, then lost all 11 games. The 1961 US Junior Championship was held in Dayton, Ohio. Robin Ault won on tiebreak over Bernard Zuckerman. He died on September 16, 1994 in Newton, Massachusetts.


Ilia Maizelis was born Dec 27 (or 28) 1894 in the settlement Uman. The Soviet chess player, chess theorist, historian and man of letters; translator. A member of the editorial college of the journal "64. Draughts and chess in the working club" (1925 - 1930), responsible secretary of the publisher house "The Soviet chess chronicle" (1943 - 46), having published on English in Moscow under the aegis of the All-Union society of cultural connections with abroad. The best results at the competitions: the tournament of the cities "B" (1924) - the 1st - 2nd place; Moscow championship (1932) - the 4th place. An author of the manual of a chess game for juveniles, of a series of works in the sphere of theory (ending) and chess history. A translator of the "manual of a chess play" (1926) and of the story "How Viktor became by the grandmaster" (1973) of Em. Lasker, of the book "Theory and practice of ending" (1928) of I. Berger, "My system" of A. Nimtsovich (1926 - 1928). In 1930 the 5th edition of this work was published.