As soon as we have 32 members, they will be organised into 4 divisions, then play will start. Should it prove a lenghty process to invite 32 players- with the qualities of those already invited (pleasant, honest, relatively fast playing), we might start the first season with 24 players- many of whom have already been invited.


What are you looking at for ratings on the divisions?



The highest in the group will probably be no higher than 1800 Brian, the lowest about 1250- so most will be within a range of 400 points- as we know, in that range- anyone can beat anyone- so it'll add to the interest. The highest at present is about 1690 I think.


Not sure if this is where to post a note. Anyhow, good to be among the crickets (is that the bug or the band?). Kidding. Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to engaging ya'll, in the chat box and on the squares.



Thanks Greg- we have some strong players, but anyone in the group could beat anyone else- so it should be interesting.


This is how the group looks at the moment, 2 divisions, which might well change when new members come in. 3 more potential members have been invited, 2 1500s, and one 1220. We need another 8 to start.

Division 1-

Bodhidharma 1825, kjetteren 1683, Cappatel 1679, idrinkjack 1618, Larsera 1603, Spazz66 1566, Nesral 1533, norfolkandgood 1535.

Division 2-

Ottawan 1522, Sonjaownsya 1520, Timkatt 1498, EdSeds 1478, Lincolnheight 1415, Tragus 1361, Beester 1295, Creekrunner 1226.

I hope that I've spelt all the names right, please forgive if I haven't. There should be a constant challenge within the group, for those in Division 1- the challenge of winning, for those in the lower divisions, the challenge of gaining promotion. For those at the bottom of the first season, the challenge of rising through the ranks next season.

This should be a group with a difference, and anyone could potentially beat anyone else, it would be very difficult to bet on positions- all can play quite a game at times.

Hi all. Looking forward to playing.

Hi Bigbang10, the second season will start within 2 weeks, my division is almost complete- so it shouldn;t take too long. We need all divisions to complete before we start the next one, but most players are playing quickly. Wearsider is also keen to be included, rest assured that once it starts, you'll have an on going tournament for the foreseeable future. I will not be able to register for the next season, so Larsera will take my place. We are recruiting so that we can have 4 divisions- to allow more room for more people, assuming that all want to enter the next season.

Sounds good. Looking forward to the play.