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Where to buy quality chess sets

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    Does anyone happen to know of any physical (not online) stores that sell quality chess sets in the Nashville/middle TN area? Searching online has gotten me no where.

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    You won't find any- but the ""House of Staunton's(online site) physical store is somewhere in northern Alabama and I had a few friends who drove there(check ahead) and you can see the sets in person and somtimes get a beter deal because you are there. I have bought 2 sets there online.Love them.

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    I've been looking for a nice chess set for a month or more now. Couldn't really find anything locally. Earthbound Trader and similar import stores have some fancy looking ones, but don't seem practical. Sharper Image and similar stores have electronic ones, if you're into that. If you want something low to mid grade, stores like Target/Walmart have some and Toys R Us has a decent selection.

    I finally got mine yesterday but I ended up ordering online. It's a marble set and I love it. I will post pictures sometime in the near future with links. However, after a long online hunt myself, if you're getting overwhelmed, just look on Amazon. They have the widest selection and best search features.

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    So here is my new set! Again I recommend Amazon if you buy online but I got mine here (marble). House of Stauton looks good if you want wood.  http://www.khanimports.com/chesssets.html


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