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You can email me at satyajit.malugu@chess.com

Ask any chess player, why did you loose that game, I'd bet 85% of the times he would say, "I blundered". I have simple formula for reducing that blunders to atleast 80%, if not 100%. 


My coaching style: 
I am a very practical person and my coaching reflects that.
It does not matter if, I coach students for several hours a day, if they can't use the techiques during an actual game. This is the reason why I emphasize on the real game rather than esoteric strategies. 
I learned chess based on some fundamental principals and my whole career,practise and achievements are based on that. They are so simple but effective, yet takes discipline and practise to properly use them in a tournament game. First, I will make them realize their importance, then I would ask them to rote them, then I will slowly make them use the principles slowly in a tournament game. 
So, the next time you are playing in a tournament these fundamentals would be echoing in your mind. And I'd bet your standard, results would increase dramatically.
Even if you are not a tournament player but just want to get started or improve in chess, these principles would accelerate your pace many folds. 
My chess career:

Unlike most professional coaches that talk of past glory I am an active player.

My recent achievements are:

  1. Joint first in Spokane with IM John Donaldson
  2. Joint first in SCC with Peter Brugg
  3. Second in christmas congress in Tacoma
  4. You can follow my tournaments at USCF site

My achievements in chronological order.

During 1997-2002, I was a full time professional chess player in India. I had given up studies and concentrated on improving my game. I had a wonderful full time coach for 4 years during which I averaged over 8 hours of chess practise a day. My achievements during that time are

  • National 6th in all India team championship 
  • Beat and drew with national champions and International masters. 
  • State champion in age groups of Under-14, Under-15, Under -19 and also the state Men championship of Andhra Pradesh (one of strongest chess states in India).
  • Represented the state at around 6 national events.
  • Top places in state and district opens.
  • My peak FIDE rating was 2161. 
After 2002, I joined engineering and chess became a secondary pursuit but my achievements kept flowing..
  • Became the state junior champion.
  • Runner up in Eenadu state open
  • 10th in a National open in which I won on 2 National -A players and drew with one IM. 
  • National 6th in All India Inter universities under my captaincy, played on the top board with an unbeaten score of 8/9
  • Won all the university championships and inter collegiate championships(university level). 
  • Peak FIDE rating was 2142
After 2005, my focus changed to Academics and computers and I came to the US in 2006. In US my results can be found in the USCF website, I came joint second in NC state open and second and third in couple of local opens. I recently became a Master and my current USCF rating is 2229.
On the coaching side, all my students had amazing results and reached their targets.
  • Coached two kids of Age 6 and 7 during 2005 as a secondary coach, these kids came National 2nd and National 4th in their age groups. Later, one of them became the Under-9 world champion. 
  • Coached two college students for University champsionship and both of them for selected for the Andhra University team for All India Universities. 
  • One student was given coaching to win the college championship which she did. 
In the US I gave coaching to 3 students and all of them were satisfied. Please feel free to contact me via email, a comment here or email. I am open to classes for all levels via the internet or in person.


  • 15 months ago


    Dear NM Satyajit,

    I amManoj C Raman, the Founder Chairman and Managing Director[ CMD]

    of the Houston Chess Academy which is a small chess academy just opend in Houston Texas on 19 th july 2015..

    The exact place is called Stafford which is 15 miles far from Houston down town. I want to associate with few GM s ,IM s ,FM s and other higher rated chess players who are belong to different chess federation  and can associate with us for the closed ,semi closed,open chess tournaments, chess training for IM s FM s  advanced ,Intermediate  as well as Bignners in Chess.

    We want  to conduct  One GM and one IM tournament every month .And conduct continnuous training programs for all levels of chess players. I think as a leading chess coach, you may have more opennings to conduct chess lessons[online /private] to all levels of students  through our academy in future...  if at all you are interested.

    Please send me your views on this proposal .My email ID is hicausa1@gmail.com

    My cell no 00 1 281 760 7339.USA

    Manoj C Raman.


    Houston Chess Academy.

  • 3 years ago


    I am interested, please contact me at Freddy@ritemediagroup.com

  • 4 years ago


    Hi, r u still coaching? How much do you charge?

  • 4 years ago


    Hi, can you email me your rates,, it's for my kid who started playing chess.renjishthomas@gmail.com


  • 4 years ago


  • 5 years ago


    Please be my coach. my mailing address is dejarule2004@yahoo.com

  • 6 years ago


    dear sir, can u coach me , i m beginner, i n my opinion i cant even perform well. i need an assistance from a player like u

  • 6 years ago


    sir , can you coach me? my email sandeepgali@yahoo.com.thank you sir.

  • 6 years ago


    I have gone through your profile. Its interesting. I am interested in taking couching from you. May I know your hourly rates?? Thanks.

  • 6 years ago


    Hello folks,

    I'm one of the students who got trained by Satyajit for All India Inter University selections and you can take this comment as a testimonial of his talent. Though his FIDE rating is ~2142, he clearly has the standard of an International Master and he has beaten few of them. His understanding of the game, tactical skills, intuition over the board, depth and breadth of calculation/analysis, more importantly his discipline/principles are really extra ordinary and double the worth of every penny spent. He learnt it from the masters, in the way Chess should be learnt and has it inherent in his style. So go behind this wizard!

  • 6 years ago


    Can you coach me? I live in Silverdale, west of Seattle . I want to be a GM and here is my email.


  • 6 years ago


    can u coach me

  • 7 years ago


    I enjoyed our two games! Yeah, ..Nh5 would have enabled me to win the game, but i noticed that one little distraction, while against playing a master, spelled the end of the game for me. So, yes, that, too, is an alibi! I enjoyed your profile.

  • 7 years ago


    Sorry i cant email you through chess.com. Would it be possible to quote your rates to my email at ramonemikgailkok@gmail.com? Thanks

  • 7 years ago


    Will you coach me? Please?

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