Classic RAR

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10. aug. 2016
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Have you ever wanted to do the rar attack? Learn new methods of conducting attacking chess? RAR!!! Join this group! You will learn many rar openings, rar in general, and get to chat with the master of rars, NM (Not Master) Joseph Truelson! Join now, and you will be laughing the rest of your life! WARNING: Having so much fun might be so good for you that you could regret it. Rar tips will be posted every so often so you understand how to rar. And the neo-RAR movement is a new idea, with the old RAR causing so much confusion now our neo-RAR will make RAR better than ever before! Now we are entering the classsic RAR phase. It involves classical music (such as My Favorite Things) and parodies of our pre-ramble of the constitution. We also have a website! You can see some of our content here:  All money earned by you, or your affiliates is the sole property of RAR and its affiliates to use at their discretion.

Note: RAR only accepts members once per week, so if you’re not getting accepted immediately, that’s why. However, if you are accepted, you’ll get a hearty greeting and a place in the RAR HieRARchy!