UPDATED 10/09/16 PLEASE JOIN OUR GROUP/ALL LEVELS OF PLAY WELCOME!!! HELLO… this is a forum that encourages respectful arguing in the format of a 1on1 or team on team debate. Did you get banned or blocked from another forum for only sticking up for what you believe in or only speaking your mind…? Well, it’s encouraged here!!! DON'T WANT TO DEBATE? - no problem! We have end game & tactical PUZZLES to solve, VC tournaments, Team tournaments, Club championship tournaments, and so much more planned!!! RULES: 1.No cursing or vulgarities. (May result in being blocked) 2.No personal attacks! (Will result in being blocked) 3.No computers or other assistance is allowed at ANY TIME! THAT’S IT… debate away, solve puzzles, become club champ, try to have fun, and as always… honor the game of chess! Thank you, JOHN STAFF chessnutcafe
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