Christmas Special!

Christmas Special!

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Hello guys!

It's time for a big announcement! I have planned a Christmas SpecialIt will be played on Dec 24th for 24 hours. This marathon will have very nice prices!


  • 24 hours long
  • Arena
  • 5 + 0
  • starts at 00:00 CET on Dec 24th and ends at 00:00 CET on Dec 25th
  • no rating limit
  • this club


  1. 1 month Diamond Membership*
  2. 1 month Platinum Membership*
  3. 1 month Gold Membership*

* in case you already have got a membership I will compensate it with a wish of yours or a promotion in the club. All prizes are given when an amount of players bigger than 20 is reached


  • Can I play, stop and then play again?
    • Of course, you can play whenever you want as long as you want
  • Is it going to be rated?
    • Yes, you can gain and lose rating points
  • What could I wish, if I won the tournament and have a membership?
    • Everything, that comes to your mind. It shouldn't be more expensive than your actual prize and it could be something, which doesn't cost too, like a promotion too a coordinator or moderator
  • Can I invite my friends to play that arena?
    • You definitely can, they just have to be members of this club

That's all for now, see you on Christmas Day!



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