I see a grim future for life on earth. Not in 2100 but very soon. In fact, since quite some decades we're already in this process. The total collapse of the biosphere is now inevitable. Scientists (even IPCC) agree things cannot be saved without geoengineering which is simply not feasable. Now now. Not in 100 years. Period. This means complex life on earth can not be preserved. Not with an ecosystem out of function.

For years the decay of complex life is already happening and finally this will include the human race, of course. An unavoidable abrupt climate change is just around the corner. Enjoy your last years, months, weeks, whatever.

Maybe one day (billion of years from now) there will be complex life again, and one species may resemble what we call "intelligence". They will find our remains and hopefully they will take an example of our age of stupid. That is, how NOT to do things.