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played chess since i was 7, not a great deal since i left school but a lot more since ive been on this site. I can play, but i do not study the game in books,i like to get out and get at 'em, i play a mad, loose, attacking game that leaves me either catching people out or, more often than not, up to my neck in a s**t position?. I love the game though, and i love this site, ive found many friends on here and many good, friendly, well mannered sporting players. I have also met a few ill mannered, ignorant,vile ,nasty gits as well, i step my game up when playing these so be warned "no quarter given" if you are unable to follow basic sporting good manners .                              music: Led Zep, Radiohead, early Genesis, Elbow, Yes, Nirvana, Oasis, Beatles, Live,  BOOKS George R R Martin, James Herbert, Rayond Feist, Ian Rankin (John Rebus is a personal friend of mine) most fantasy books. . . but i leave Harry Potter in the childrens fiction WHERE IT BELONGS!