I am FM Charles Galofre from Pompano Beach Florida USA. I started working here on as a coach 6 months ago and have about 9 students. I would say I am one of the best chess coaches on for two reasons: I am very competitively priced, and I have a lot to give. I work with students for $25 an hour for 10 hours. A student commits to 10 lessons for $250 and we work for two months and a half at an hour a week. Lessons are conducted through Skype and can be recorded by the student using skype.

My highest fide rating was 2364.

I have an interest in working with class players (players rated below 2000) I can help you reach expert level, ( which is 2000 rating USCF or even ratings) with ease. 

so our lessons are recorded using skype, which means you can keep them and I work with students for $25 an hour.

What do I teach?

Every lesson has a theoretical portion where I teach something, and then towards the end of the lesson we play a couple of games together and analyze them. The games can be versus me, but ideally versus opposition through a screen share on skype. By sharing these games together, I would say that about at the 20th game I have an idea of where your at with your chess and what is the best route of improvement. Later in our lessons, I can teach you openings which help you win points faster, I can also make recommendations as to which openings to play at below 2000 to learn chess faster and I can verbalize and articulate my thoughts every game you play so you pick up "my voice" when annotating your games or going through chess.

These are some of the themes of my lessons

  1. Recommended literature for visualization/calculation. the first book I recommend helps you get to 2000 rating, the second book will take you from 2200 to 2400.
  2. recommended literature for the middlegame/strategy. the first book introduces you to evaluating positions, the second book teaches you about statics and dynamics in chess which are the fundamental building blocks for evaluating positions correctly. the third book is the best selling middlegame book ever in chess and if put into practice promises to turn you into GM. the fourth book is a must read with principles that I teach you why they are indispensable for the middlegame and why the principles are essential to understanding how every chess game is won.
  3. Recommended literature for the endgame. essentially the only book you will ever need to properly play practical endgames and references to 2 books in chess which introduced students to forms of opposition and a compendium which is favored by +2500 players.
  4. How to use Chessbase
  5. How to study chess openings (with chessbase and other tools)
  6. How to study chess middlegames (with chessbase and other tools)
  7. How to study chess endgames (with chessbase and other tools)
  8. Annotated Games: what they are and why they are important. we go through Ivanchuk-Volkov and Gufeld-Kavalek where I explain stylistics in games. reference the three best works on annotated games and send you 2 databases of best played games in the past 20 years from the all time best selling publisher sahovski.
  9. 10,000 hour rule. we talk about number of games that are needed to excel at chess. we compare it to other players online and in real human to human matches. you will know how many games you need to play, time controls, and also learn a formula about ratings that I teach which can help you understand how a particular theme or subject can help you earn points by excelling at the subject.
  10. From 2200 to 2500 - I show you everything I do to improve at chess, the content that I use, the databases, the books, the exercises, how much time I devote to certain exercises etc.

I invite every student of mine to purchase a thumbnail drive with 128 GB for $15. I can purchase it on your behalf, and I send you my entire chess book library which is 38 GB large, and I send you a collection of DVD's/chess videos which can help you to improve at chess and keep you busy on your free time.

I give you the entire book and dvd collection for a nominal fee, but I can talk with you about why its good and why its worth it ( the videos helped me become master when I was up and coming)

You can contact me here through messages.