When I started playing chess Botvinnik was World Champion - that was over 50 years ago.  I played my first USCF tournament in March 1969: the Amateur Section of the Maryland Open and finished 4-2 despite hanging my queen in my first game.

I have played and directed hundreds of tournaments since then.  My  high point rating-wise was 2182 back in the 90's. Even though I never made Master, I have beaten a number of them including a former Women's US Champion and a couple guys who later bcame GM's.

As a director I worked at several World Opens, several Maryland Opens, and directed the National Elementary School Championship one year.  I was president of the largest chess club in Maryland for several years which had a dozen Masters among the 120 people on it's membership rolls. 2 diferent Grandmasters played in our monthly Quad tournaments.

I also edited the club Newsletter and the "King's File" the bulletin of the DC Chess League.

I'm pretty much retired from serious tournament chess now, but I still play on the internet.