Hi, I see you reading my profile; how did you get here? Anyhow, some things I do:
Advanced Math

║99.9% of you won't post this. When
║Jesus died on the cross he was
║thinking of you. If you're one of 0.1% that
║cares, put this on your profile.

Feel free to friend me and chat with me.

My discord is fire372#3004. Message me before friend requesting me.

Also, thanks for 1k views grin.png

And that's all I have to say for now! See you later, bye.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I play minecraft.

I'm pretty sure that's all.

Also, I want to change my status whenever it's outdated, but I end up doing it weeks late.

I think it's all. 

It has to be.

Anyways, I would really wish if you would stop reading.

There's nothing down here.

Welp, that's all.

Oh and here's a funny video:

Anyways goodbye.