フォクシー (Foxy) 黒 (Kuro)


Zodiac: Libra

Natural born drifter.

Likes: Toyota AE86 Zenki models, Fairlady Z, FD3s, FC3s, ZERO Velo Trueno AE86, Cho-X Phoenix, Cho-Z Phoenix, Perfect Phoenix, Emperor Pegasus, Initial D, Foxes, old Porche 911

Hates: Nissan GT-R, GT86/FR-S/BRZ, EK9, EG6, EU Cars, Slash Valkryie, Zwei Luinor, Wangan Midnight, Turbo, Twin Turbo, Single Turbo, Turbo Chargers, Super Charger, mentally ill, myself, depression, being useless

Hobbies: Beyblade, car drifting (In Forza Horizon 3 and 4, Madalin Car Multiplayer), designing, making some lyrics, writing books


Quotes: "I won't lose to the same opponent twice let alone triple." "Size doesn't matter what matters is the weight" "Youth only last once so be quick while you still have the chance" "Most things can't be taught but from experience" "You will never lose until you give up"

Stats: Leader of Absorb Burst, Madalin Car Multiplayer Fastest (Probably the fastest in those drift tracks in that game due to me not seeing anyone faster for a long time), tOfu DeLiVeRy BoY oF KuRo ToFu ShOp, that one guy that snipes everyone before they can even walk out of there base in
Woudl read this if you are gonna buy fake beys:

Beys used: Dread Phoenix 10 Friction-S (former), Dread Phoenix 10Cross Friction-S (former), Geist Fafnir 8' Absorb-S (former), Turbo Spryzen 0Wall Zeta-S (former), Legend Phoenix 8'Cross Absorb-S (former), Geist Fafnir Ratchet Absorb-S (former), Perfect Phoenix Huricane Friction-S (former), Heaven Pegasus Sting Unite (former), Heaven Pegasus Sting Unite' Zan (former), Imperfect Phoenix Sting Xtend-S (former), Samurai Pegasus Sting Unite' (former), Samurai Pegasus 0Turn Mobius (current), Cho-Z Phoenix 10Cross Final Driver (broken friction-s) (current), World Spryzen Xtend-S 1A (current)

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Testy test -

Wait For You - Ace

The Top

ZERO Sokudo Trueno AE86 M2

Special Moves (Battle D):

Kuro/Warp Zone

Blind Attack

Gutter Run Type 1 and 2

Gutter Drift

Late Braking Drift

Super Late Braking Drift

No Braking Drift