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First of all BIG BIG shout out to @ProfiMath / De profeet / Profi de profeet (That is the name of the same guy) for making me this GREAT pfp!!!!

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Some People i'd love to mention!

@Yigor - Gifted me one month of membership!!

@ryanovster - again gifted me one month of membership!!

@Nitya0201 - My sister who is not too much active

@Scemer - A great friend of mine!

@Dragonic_Jason_Fire - Cool guy and a good friend of mine!

@passedpawn2013 - Makes wonderfull blogs !

@TheMightyRook111 - owner of Mighty Chess Warriors and a Nice friend

@josephscrougham - A friendly and Cool Friend !

@GM_of_Australia - Loves Cricket Like me! a Good friend too!

@Tejpro1234 - Awesome and Good guy!

@Ishaanharsha - One of the first guys i know on !!

@erle19 - Good for chatting with! and good for discussing about Gu- Gurken! and lo- locker roomroom AND ki- Kitchen! 

@ProfiMath - Profeet da pro engine! He is the next Albert Einstien Fr

@JackyJackyJackJacks - He is the real Jacky da Wacky.... Lol great friend happy.png Knows a little too much of my so called DARK sides 💀

Dm me if i forget you!

Some Words to mark...

"Profi is the next Albert Einstein"- @ProfiMath

What can you call me as??

KNSR- whom i have talked/chatted with before

Krishna- if you are in my friend list

0207- why? why you wanna call me that??

KNS- No bro dont call me "KNS" sad.png

KRUSH- Only early aka @Erle19

Cancer - First time called by @BeCoolAndNeverAFoolYo (Now @Man_of-my-goaIs)

or call me whatever you want lol