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My clubs:

The Ooga Booga Club lead by Kevin and Samuel!

The Ad Spamming Club lead by MinionCat and Co-Owner Kevin!

Fun clubs I joined:

Who Dat Nation Club lead by @Dark_Knight_DK14

The Chess Boys Club lead by Emma

A Club For Chess Club lead by @ukrainiandude

Animal Rescue Society Club lead by Marsella

TBL Club lead by Tedo

Light Knight Club lead by Irene

The Death Eaters Club lead by @sirjony

Grandmasters In Training Club lead by @ArthurMarcal2009

Christian Youth Chess Club (Require less than age 18) lead by Grigoriy

Lets All Be Friends Club lead by Anna

Anti-Sicilians Club lead by @iSpaceChess

Power Rangers Club lead by @FlowerBlossom

MLB Monsters Club lead by @Dark_Knight_DK14

Play like the Masters Club lead by @danderoo

Outback Club lead by Alex

Hannah Georges Club lead by Diane (Passed away)

Short Hills Serpents Club lead by Rusheel

Brave Bald Eagle Band Club lead by @Jets-up39

The Cookies Club lead by Sammy

Helpful clubs I joined:

Amateur Chess Federation Club lead by Kevin Borg

Hampovsky Chess Club lead by Hamdi

Dan Heisman Learning Center Club lead by Dan.

Homework Help Corner Club lead by @kirikiri007

Popular clubs I joined:

4 Player Chess Club

Chess Unlimited Club

Road to GM Club

We Chat Global Club

Chess NewbieZ Club


About me!

I am a male!

My favorite color is green!

happy.png Please translate to english if you want to read! happy.png

Je sauve l'eau pour protéger l'environnement parce que je n'aime pas gaspiller l'eau. Je ferme le robinet de l'évier et de la baignoire pour protéger l'environnement. Aussi, j'aime sauver l'électricité et je débranche le fil quand je finis. J'utilise l'ancien conteneur pour mes crayons et mes stylos. Je travaille des notes sur l'ordinateur et j'écris sur le papier scape. Avant et arrière! Je mets des crayons de couleur dans un sac, donc je n'achète pas des crayons de couleur. Merci! Au revoir!happy.png

My average rating is 1500 elo.

I played viola for more than 4 years.

My favorite Youtuber is twosetviolins!

You are welcome to watch twosetviolins videos. happy.png

You Flinch You Lose!

We try the Cheapest Violins from Amazon!


Does Hilary Hahn do the Ling Ling Workout??


Please subscribe to this wonderful channel if you want to see puzzle rush tactics!

How to publish the puzzle in your clubs?

Click checker board in front of you.

Once you are there, make moves like this.

Then once you finished, you click "Theme" to make it puzzle.

Then click "puzzle."

Then hit "insert" to publish your puzzle.

Rock it, man!

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