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Why hello there, I'm Isaac, welcome to my bio! I'm a full-time chess coach and a USCF CM who loves the game of chess. I was coach of the month in February 2023, and you can read more about my coaching philosophy and methods in my coach of the month article. 

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I have been playing chess for 11 years and coaching for 5 years. I have achieved many chess titles, such as the 2023 Alabama state champion, 2-time Alabama quick chess champion, 3-time Alabama high school champion, and a 3-time Denker tournament participant. I have a USCF rating of 2136 and ratings of 2600 bullet, 2300 rapid, and 2300 blitz. I coach chess full-time and have a busy schedule, so I charge $50 per hour for my lessons. I offer individual and group lessons online, and I have previously taught in schools and chess clubs. I enjoy helping students of all levels and ages learn and improve their chess skills. If you're interested in taking lessons from me, please contact me by sending me a message here on and we can discuss it further.

Now that I've mentioned all that, how about some more fun stuff about me? I'm a 19-year-old Christian dude who was homeschooled his whole life and graduated highschool in May 2022. My current chess goal as a player is to become an NM, which you're welcome to read about in my blog where I share my journey to NM. 

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Outside of chess, there isn't really much to know about me. Chess is mostly all I do nowadays. Occasionally I enjoy playing the piano, and I am a huge football fanatic (I'm a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan when it comes to the NFL and a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan regarding college football). I even own the largest and chattiest NFL club on Essentially, I am a chess fanatic and a football fanatic, and other than that I have no hobbies lol

I do still blog on here from time to time, mostly about my otb chess adventures, but sometimes I'll write about other topics. I also do have my Twitch channel, for whatever that's worth, and could consider rebooting the streams for fun. Finally, I do have an AMA forum where you can ask me literally whatever you want to ask me and I'll answer quickly. So if you've made it to the end of my bio here and have questions, head on over to Lightning's AMA and ask away. 

Anywho, that's just about everything you get to know about me. Thanks for reading. See ya around🙃