I’m called MTC wherever possible; but in some other places, like here, I’m called M132T003C. I’m autistic.

A few other bits of somewhat relevant information, mixed in with ramblingness:

I only join clubs that have some sort of meaning. Shared interests, or a region I am affiliated with, for example. One of the best things about chess.com is being able to represent such clubs in team competitions.

I have previously turned out to be playing a few too many games at once, perhaps I still am. I am trying to manage this as well as I can. This includes making use of the vacation system when I’m starting to be overwhelmed, as well as trying to reduce the number of team matches I join. In general I will no longer join team matches that are not part of tournaments, and am considering cutting down even further than that. This may include, for example, deciding that, since it’s strange that Team UK and Team England are both participating in the same team tournament, I’ll enter fewer or no Team England games in that tournament; or deciding that I think some competitions are more important than others, so if a club is participating in many competitions, I might only enter the more important ones (rating‐limited competitions are less important than open‐rated ones, for example)

In addition to playing chess, I also… stream on Twitch, do genealogy research, and various other things.