Hi, I'm Michael The Alibaba-Rider. I like chess, friends and WoFs so friend me if you can! I'm also an Expert at WoFs and my WoF rating would be +2100(If WoF had its own rating). Despite all of this, I haven't made a single WoF yet but I'm making some clubs. Also, if you are a friend of me, please join this club:


And please type: "I am a friend of you, Michael9213". and send the request to join.

Also, pls PM me the word "4PC"

My goal: Get 2150 rating in Hyperbullet Chaturaji 4 Player Chess

(^-^) pls join my discord: https://discord.com/channels/912554802913902592/912554802913902595

pls don't join because DiScOrD hAcKeD

pixel mode of my pfp: