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Been a very long time and I finally refreshed my homepage. Because I like to keep it fresh 😁

By reading "about me" from my profile, you will know more things about me and my works in this site!

Admin of Team Azerbaijan (National Team) 

Admin of TURK CHESS PLAYERS (1st at leaderboard) 

Not only the huge teams I am admin of, I am also admin at many clubs, but I prefer to lead clubs more! 😄

Franchesco Chess Club ⬇

FCC is my main club. I wanted to create the club in Summer 2021. Then I closed it, because I wasn't good at leading. I made 20 people and a FM to join my club in only one day! 

The club name was "Fianchetto Chess Club". Then I closed the club, and in February 2023, I want to create the club again. Because now I was experienced. I was admin in several clubs, and instead of being leaded by egoist owners, I wanted to be the ideal leader model with my own club, trying to be a better leader and build a club as I wanted!

Now this club has almost 1000+ members, and we can make 7 people join for a day by using 30 invites! Record for FCC is 25 members by using 30 invites!

The club peak is -> 80 people for a daily match. 40 people for a Vote Chess match, without messaging anyone! If we message, we can do 2 times better results. But it is only for fun, it is a daily match for fun, and no need to distract people because of that is how I think like 😁

The Gokturk Empire

This club has given to me by @GMMustafaKutalmis, which is one of my old friends in this site. This club used to have 250-300 members, but then @DarkDragon2384 destroyed the club. I warned all the Super Admins to demote him, but they didn't, but I guessed that he is going to destroy the club. Then we worked harder, and made this club to have almost 200 members from 20 members! Now this club is not bad at Daily Matches. If I try working on this club more, we can make this club 3 times stronger. But unfortunately, I am busy with practicing chess, so I don't have enough time for the clubs. 

Gokturk Khaganate used to be the strongest and biggest Turkic country by land area. The name is coming from an ancient Khaganate. 

Leaders Club

A club for only club owners to join. If your club has more than 50 members, you can also join. In this club, we organize events for only club owners. Unfortunately, we had to stop this events for now, because of the same problem, I have no time left for the clubs. But we might start the Season 2 soon! I won the Season 1 😄

This club has more than 50 members! But if we try more, we can make more than 100 or may be 200 club owners to join!

Team Bloggers

I am not blogging for a long time, and I am not active in the clubs anymore. Just active in FCC sometimes. So what do you think? Of course this club is dead...

The reason why I created this club was to make it become a bloggers community. If you need help to get better at blogging, or you are a good blogger and want to share your tips, or you just need something with blogging, you can use our club. But it is not that active anymore. 

Still I am sure if you need help, someone from the club might try helping you.

The Practice Corner

This club is still active!

The reason I created this club fits my goal, to practice chess! I created this club, so stronger people will share their tips for me, and I will share my tips for weaker, or still stronger people, so we will keep learning about tips and different styles, openings and traps!

This club is small, with 30-50 members now. I don't want this club to grow that much, because I don't want chaos. I just want it to be a little club which you can practice chess!

Still accepting anyone who wants to join 🤗


I started blogging at 21 March. Yeah, my first blog published at 22 February, but it is not a serious blog. I just made it to tell the people I have a new club named "Franchesco Chess Club" like how others do, because I didn't even know what are blogs about 😅

Later, in March 21, I made a blog about our traditional holidays Novruz Holiday, and people liked it. In reality, it is my first blog and it was trash! With the grammar mistakes, writing mistakes and the shape (it was not a good shape for a blog) it was very bad.

Then I kept improving my blogging style. The first blog that I can say "I trained better and now this is the result" is the blog named "The Career of Caruana" but the next blog "How to improve at blogging" was still worse, because I was still not that good enough to make a blog about it. But I don't also want to delete it 😅

Then I made a blog about " chess site propaganda against Azerbaijan", and it was also a bit political blog. But most of the people couldn't understand that, in the blog I was mad to for being political, I didn't support something political in this blog. This blog is my most viewed blog with 1000+ views.

Then I made my best blog, which is my former best blog, but may be I can make better blogs later. It is the blog named "Top Azerbaijani Chess Players".

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