Hi Friends:

Even though I know nothing about computers, I am the admin for some very nice teams. I joined my first team because I like to fish and thought maybe, if I was lucky,  "Team Fishermen From Romania" might accept me.  I had no idea what teams did, or what daily chess or 3 day matches were, and I clicked on my first team match by mistake. I immediately brought a chess set home and set it up on the kitchen table to study my moves, having no idea that there was an analysis button right on the computer screen next to my game board. (I don't know how to text, tweet, chat, post pictures or use a smart phone. I do enjoy reading, flyfishing, gardening, chess, walking my dogs, and other quiet, solitary, old-fashioned  endeavors.)  

I would be honored to have you join any of the teams I administer.  

As I back-packed and hitch-hiked through life and 44 countries, often sleeping on the ground and cooking my food over a campfire, I learned that wherever you go, people are good and it's a great world out there. Through and my teams, I have been able to continue to explore far away lands and make wonderful friends, now from the comfort of home.

Please consider joining any of these nice teams. There is never any pressure to win. We just want to have fun and make friends.


Super Admin:

***Latter-day Saint Chess Friends. Brothers, Sisters, and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are all welcome.

 ***Team USA Southeast. If you're from Dixie, or even DC, Delaware or Puerto Rico.....well this is your team. MENTAC, the other super admin, Is a wild and crazy guy who posts his latest wild and crazy music just about every day. In fact one of these days we are going to have a team  possum roast and sleep over at his place in the backwoods of Alabama.

***Team Fishermen from Romania. If you're a fisherman, then this is the place for you. 

***The Russian Queen: You don't have to be Russian or a queen, but I dare say this team attracts lots of lovely ladies. Doktor Oleg is the founder, and a good friend and a great guy. Stellabloom, the other SA, is the warm, friendly, and lovely heart of the team. 

***Isle of Lewis. You know this one.. Where those incredible 12th century Viking chess pieces were dug up on a rugged, wind-swept island off the northwest coast of Scotland. We are starting to play more matches, but it is just cool to be associated with those ol' seafaring Vikings, beautiful Scotland, and the awe-inspiring history of the whole thing. 


***Doru-66 and His Best Friends. Based in Constanta, Romania and ranked #11 out of 25,000 teams. We need you to help us move into the top ten! Doru is a great guy and really cares about each of his 1500 players.

***Wild Field. This team is only listed by its Russian name on But you can find it on my profile page team list. It is a small, friendly team representing Russia's vast steppes and the free-roaming Cossacks and their horses. 

***Blue and Gray Chess. We honor the sacrifice and memory of those who served on both sides in America's Civil War. We will not forget the suffering and bravery of Billy Yank and Johnny Reb.

***ZionPureInHeartChess.ComFriends. Zion is a brilliant chess player (recent Utah state champion), with boundless energy for posting his live matches with GM's almost daily, but more importantly he is a very friendly gentleman with a big, kind heart. 

***Team Jordan. A beautiful, historic country in the Middle East. I was first attracted to this team by the warmth and friendship of its members. If you want to be with honorable, respectful, polite folks, then this is the team for you. 

Thanks for stopping by,