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                          Welcome to my profile

Xin chào, mình tên là Tín!

I very like playing chess.

I very optimistic and friendly so please be my friend.

I very likes puppy.

I live in Tieu Can, Tra Vinh (Vietnam) so my account

name (Tin_TCTV) has TCTV (TCTV is a short name of

Tieu Can, Tra Vinh).

I know some things you don't know :

1. You are a human.

2. You are reading this.

4. You did not notice I skipped number 3.

5. You are watching carefully to not ignore anything.

6. You already know how this works.

7. And now you are reading the 7.

And these are the clubs I suggest you should try to join :

1. The pokemon sun and moon club.

2. The pokemon x and y club.

3. Puppy dog pals club.

4. Alpha dragon club.

5. I love my best friends.

If you are a Pokemon lover, join these clubs:

1. Pokemon Master club

2. Pokemon Lover

3. Alola the Pokemon island

4. Fire Pokemon

5. Ice Pokemon

6. Electric Pokemon

Nếu bạn là người Việt Nam, tham gia club này :

Việt Nam  Việt Nam

If you are animal lover, join this club :

Animals International Animals International

Thanks for read and have a nice day everyone !!!

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